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January 23, 2012
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So this is my first Country x Reader. Belive me, I'm not a france fan but I got carried away ^^ Mild flirting, not that bad mind you thats why I haven't put a warning. Hope you like it!

You were at your locker, rumaging through the pile of books, papers and files as you sorted out your bag for the school day. You threw the ones not needed back on the pile, minding the pictures you had blu-tacked onto the walls of your locker of you and your three best friends, Francis, Gilbert and Antonio. You didn't understand why people didn't like them, yes they were perverts but they were still a funny group to be around. You were considered the ''normal'' one out of them lot, considdering that you didn't have minds like them but their remarks still made you laugh.

You smile as you look over the pictures and memories one more time untill you were snapped out of the trance by the voices of the ones you were thinking about.
''Bonjour, Mon cher. My, arn't you looking Belle.'' Francis said. He always complimented you, it was just on his nature to. To most people, this would have annoyed them. Most times it did annoy you but others it just let you know you had friends ou could rely on.
''Hello mi poco de tomate.'' Anotonio said. You remember how you got that nickname from him. It was along time ago but you were playing Truth or Dare with your three friends, and the dare you got was to kiss Anotonio. At the time you thought it was a peice of cake, but when he wouldn't let you go untill you had to breath, your face was litteraly as red as a tomato. Ever since he called you his little tomato.
''_______!'' And finaly, Gilbert, that German you would laugh at, with and he would do the same. You knew him better since he was the friend of yours who introduced you to Francis and Antonio. They were all older than you, not by alot but atleast half a year but luckily they were in the same grade as you, but you realy didn't care. They stuck up for you and you did the same - you were like a family.

''Oh, Hi guys.'' you smiled as you shut the door to your locker and turned arounf to face them. Your face was smiling slightly, fustraited about your next lesson.
''Vhats Vong ______? How can Mr. Awsome make it all better, huh?'' Gilbert asked, leaning up against the locker next to you with his little yellow bird, Gilbird, on his shoulder.
''I have french, one of the most annoying subject in the world.'' You moaned. They knew that you hated the Subject - not because of the language but the teacher. It just so happened that you were one of a lucky fue that happened to get the worst teacher in the school, Miss Nitram.
''_____, by saying you hate French, you are implying you hate me, no?'' Francis said, though the smile he had on his face said he knew that his statement was false.
You just smiled back widely, a bit of menace on your face. ''Yes, thats exactly what I'm saying because I hate french people so much and because you are french, I hate you.'' you said, putting on a serious face after whilst Gilbert and Antonio laughed, they knew you were joking but for some reason Francis didn't think so.
''Francis, your not just going to let her say that are you?'' Antonio said, running his hand through his soft, scruffy brown hair.
''Of course not. You three back to mine after school. You better be there.'' He said, narrowing his eyes at you when he said that.
''Bring it on.'' you say before you all headded off to your class'.

All day you couldn't wait untill you went to Francis' house to see what his ''payback'' would be. You got a detention from Miss Nitram but you couldn't be bothered to go so you skipped it, knowing that tomorrow you would get into deeper trouble. You knew the way to Francis' house, you had been there manytimes and it dose not fit the rumours that people had passing around.

You were walking there with Gilbert, antonio had to go to his place first so you two decided to go there anyway. On the way you two were fake flirting, something you two did alot - it always made you smile. Once you got to Francis' house you knocked on the door. He opened it almost imidietly and let you two in.

''So what exactly is zis payback of yours frenchie?'' Gilbert asked, almost as curious as you.
''Well, I was thinking we could play a game.'' Francis said, a grin on his face.
''A game?,'' You say almost about to laugh. ''This is ment to be payback? A game? Arn't games fun?'' you ask.
''Yes, Truth and Dare is such a fun and humiliating game.'' he said, walking into the front froom.
''Yeah, for you that is Francis.'' You say smiling as you follow him, seeing Antonio already there you greeted him.
''Sit down, s'il vous plaît.'' he said, as he sat down on the floor, you and Gilbert joined him and Antonio.

''So, ______ you will go first.'' Francis said, pulling his phone out of his back trouser pocket, putting on the 'Truth or Dare' app. You prepaired yourself for the game, hoping it wouldn't be that bad.
''Alright, dare.'' you say challengingly. Francis knew you like the back of his hand, but he thought that considdering this was your most hated game you would say truth. He went along with it, his poker face showing no emotion as he looked at the dare.
''Lick the armpit of the person on your right.'' Francis said, a smile crept onto his face then. You turned to your right - Gilbert. You cringed slightly.
''Whats wrong, won't you do it?'' Francis said, smirking widely.
''How about this, do another dare and you vote huh?'' You say.
''Fine, only this once though.'' He said, doing it again. But his face revealed it all. ''role a die and kiss the person to your left the ammount of times it says.'' He said. Tis was like the first time you and Antonio kissed all over again.
''I think all of us vote that one.'' antonio said smirking. You rolled your eyes, you had to agree it was the better of the two. You swore Antonio liked you in more ways than just a friend but you didn't want to know, thinking how heart broken he would be when you didn't feel the same.
You rolled your eyes. ''Fine, anyone got a die.''
''I got an app on my phone.'' Antonio said, pulling his out and getting the app out rather quickly. You tapped it, watching the die spin. 4.
Antonio looked at you, leaning forward and puckering up his lips. You couldn't hellp but laugh at that - you thought he looked like a tanned fish. Anyhow you lent forward, kissing him quickly 4 times on the cheack before pulling back. Antonio's face was full of confusion and dissapointment. You just smiled. ''It didn't say where.''
''Fine, Gilbert its your turn.'' Francis said, clicking the dare button withought question.
''Can you read my mind?'' Gilbert asked, but even you knew he always chose dare.
''Pick a girl from the group and put her bra on your head.'' Francis read out. Your eyebrows raised as Gilbert turned to you.
''Do you vant to take it off or shall I?'' He smirked. You imidietly grabbed the hem of your shirt and held it tightly. ''I'll do it. Be right back.''you said as you walked off to the bathroom.

A minute later you arrived back with your bra in hand as you threw it at Gilbert. ''Here, perv.'' you smirked.
He grabbed it and put it on his head. ''Vhite? Vow, zeres a shock.' Gilbert said, that comment got a thump in his arm.
''Shut up and play the game. Francis, pass me the phone, its your turn.'' you said and he did, sliding the phone over to you on the floor.
''Truth or dare.''
''Truth.'' He replied.
''Okay... Who is the love of your life?'' you asked. His face began to grow red. ''Looks like we got another tomato here Antonio, c'mon Francis, were all friends here. Just spit it out.
''Yeah, frenchie. Tell us.'' Gilbert said.
With a Breath the french boy stood up and walked over to you, crouching down on both knees he crested your cheak in his hand.
''________, you are the love of my life.'' He said. Before you could say another word he smashed his lips against yours. Your eyes were wide as his were shut, you could hear Gilbert and Antonio whistling and laughing, but they soon faded away. It was then you realised that it was him. He was the one you loved. You smiled slightly, closing your eyes as you wrapped your arms around his neack, closing your eyes too. It was a short kiss mind you as where you had gasped when he kissed  you,  you didn't have enough breath to last you longer. Once you beak away you smil at him.

''Je t'ami ______.'' He whispered.
''I love you too, Francis.''
So this is my first Country x Reader. Please tell me what you think!
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